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The history of film is a long road, covered with dreams made real.
It is filled, too, with the footsteps of visionaries. As they move forward,
images expand the contours of this road into a map of imagination.

CCD Camera

In 1969, the CCD image sensor was released, bringing portable video cameras into existence. Although resolutions were far lower than film, they offered a compact body at an affordable price. For directors, they also expanded the limit of recording time for film, enabling pioneers like Anthony Dod Mantle to unlock a new form of expression.


In 1975, Garrett Brown showed the world his fierce ingenuity by inventing the Steadicam. Five years later, John Alcott used it on a film set for the first time. Cinematographers began to realize that even without expensive equipment like a jib or dolly, flexibly attaining smooth and stable footage was now possible. These iconic shots live forever on the classic film, The Shining.

Auto Focus

It takes endless practice to get a good eye for follow focus. That high threshold makes it a constant issue when filming. Autofocus technology teaches machines to see the world with human instincts, keeping the audience firmly fixed on every move of the protagonists.

Digital Image Transmission

Jerry Lewis couldn’t bear to direct without seeing the shots. So, he led a new generation of video transmission. Since then, images in the viewfinder are no longer reserved for one person alone. More people were able to work together during the creative process, resulting in a universe of unexpected inspirations.

Every step forward is driven by the sparks that ignite innovation.
It also takes courage, resolve, and patience.
DJI, with a burning passion for creating,
continues to explore what the future of filmmaking could be.
Now, that future is about to be unveiled.

On October 20, 2021,
we invite every creator
to take this giant leap along with us.

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